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    The exhibition and conference is a unique platform where professionals can network to explore new services, products and ideas


    Roundtables - Personalised, targeted and efficient approach to connect with your potential client base and present your solutions


    The Shorex Wealth Management Forum Geneva - Widely recognised as the leading European event for international wealth managers


    Shorex has organised events in Europe, North America, South America and Asia with more than 40,000 professionals and HNWIs worldwide having attended

Philippe Gelin

Philippe Gelin

Philippe Gelin is a partner and co-founder of Shorex Capital, a provider of global economic citizenship programmes and residency solutions for wealthy individual and their families.

He works closely with an international network of trusted advisers and government agencies to provide a secure and reliable premium service while staying abreast of the latest developments.

Philippe is also the co-founder and managing director of Shorex, the organisers of leading international wealth management forums, life style shows.

Since 1996, Shorex events have attracted an international audience of professional advisers, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and luxury distributors. Philippe has developed an expertise in launching successful events in Emerging Markets such as Russia, the Baltic, China and India.

His other interests outside business are travel, reading, cinema, cooking, music, photography, chess, sailing and skiing. Philippe was born in Paris and now lives in London with his family.

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Week 22 Snapshot – Economy and Finance

A new weekly column aimed at giving a snapshot of the world's trends, predictions and events connected to finance and the economy. 1. Brazil Recession Deepens. 2. Finance: Predictions and actions to consider. 3.Brexit: How Investors can hedge their bets. 4. Switzerland: Leading the world to a new era in social policy? 5. France: is the country on the verge of a revolution?


Relocation or Restructuring for UK Non-Doms?

Worrying changes in the tax treatment of UK non-doms have been keeping tax specialists busy for the last few months. With over 110,000 people claiming non-dom status in the UK, including some of the wealthiest HNWIs in the word, professional advisers have been second-guessing Finance Bills and trying to stay ahead of the game...


A New Force in the Multi-family Office Space

Two leading London-based multi-family office pioneers, SandAire and Lord North Street, confirmed today that they have agreed terms to join forces. The merged firm will have 50 employees and the group will have offices in London,Geneva, and Singapore. As a result of this agreement, the enlarged new business will be a global leader in providing conflict-free investment...


The Investment Climate in Russia – Fears and Opportunities

Last week in Moscow, Shorex organised their annual wealth management forum at the Lotte Hotel. The event, which gathered over 150 leading advisers to Russian HNWIs and oligarchs, proved to be an invaluable platform for gauging the impact of the economic sanctions on Russian businesses and taking the pulse of Russian investors after the recent events in Crimea...


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Shorex is a specialist media group for the wealth management industry and the high-end luxury market. Our purpose is to provide our partners, delegates and visitors with an effective networking platform where they can forge productive relationships and come away with strong ideas... read more


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